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The recent California rain has brought much-needed water to the state, but it has also led to historical flooding in many areas. If you’re a property owner, city manager, or property manager, here are five quick tips on how to protect your property from potential floods caused by stormwater runoff (or prepare for the next severe storm front).

With the recent California rain, many property owners and managers may be wondering if their properties will be impacted by potential floods and what they can do to mitigate damage. Flooding is a real risk for homes and businesses in California, and although we cannot control when or where these storms will happen (or how much rain they will bring), there are steps we can take to prepare for them.

Here are five tips for how to protect your property from potential floods caused by stormwater runoff, and how to be prepared before the next extreme rain events.

  • Quick Cleanings – Make sure your drainage areas, stormwater systems, and screens are free of debris and blockages.
    • Remove leaves, branches, and trash from gutters, grates, or canals.
    • Clean out cisterns, basins, and holding areas.
    • Check for clogs in downspouts and other underground drainage lines.
  • Regular Inspections – Inspect system functionality, looking for damage or mechanical issues that may prevent your stormwater system from performing as it should. It’s often the underground drainage lines, screens, or basins filled with hidden sediment and debris that will cause the most damage. If you find any problems, contact a professional to make repairs and ensure the proper functionality of your system.
  • Planning – Put a program in place, scheduling and planning routine inspections, cleanings, and system maintenance or repairs will keep your property ready for any storm event.
  • Systematic Scheduled Maintenance – Make sure to schedule repairs ahead of time. Don’t wait until there’s a problem before you do something about it! Routine maintenance helps prevent problems from getting worse and can also save you money by catching issues early on, before they become costly or even dangerous for your home or business.
  • Design – First, make sure you have a stormwater treatment or volume control system in place. If so, confirm that your drainage and stormwater system is properly designed to treat the pollutants and debris that will affect your property; as well as the water volume entering and exiting your property. Have experienced professionals review your site plan, details, and professionally design a system that meets stormwater standards and local regulations.


If you’re looking for help with your property’s stormwater system, we’re here to help. We’ve got the experience and expertise needed to make sure your drainage and stormwater system is designed correctly, built adequately, and maintained properly so it will work as intended, especially during heavy storms and flooding. If you have any questions about how we can help with your drainage and stormwater needs, please contact us today!